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E-Mail, Calendaring, and Scheduling Workgroup

This is an inactive or repealed workgroup for the State Government Council
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To create an environment where state agencies involved with or interested in electronic mail, electronic calendaring, electronic scheduling, and/or an enterprise central directory may meet to share experiences, ideas, problems, and concerns. To recommend what standards and/or guidelines should be adopted by the State Government Council in regard to implementation and use of Electronic Mail, Calendaring, and Scheduling in state government.

Scope & Boundaries

This group shall limit its area of interest to the functions involved with electronic mail, centralized directory, electronic calendaring, and electronic scheduling.

This group will organize itself from it membership.

Goals & Outcomes

To help develop the enterprise central directory

To promote the use of e-mail and the central directory to all state entities

To provide a community of experts that are available to consult and assist agencies as they begin the implementation of e-mail, calendaring, and scheduling

To hold regularly scheduled meetings where topics of interest are discussed.

To determine and schedule training and education sessions as is desirable by the group.

To determine what, if any, standards or guidelines need to be recommended to the State Government Council for adoption.

To ensure that compatibility (where required) exists between products used by the agencies.