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Lotus Notes Collaboration Workgroup

This is an inactive or repealed workgroup for the State Government Council
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To identify, research and propose solutions to technical issues related to the implementation and support of the Lotus Domino Infrastructure while educating, collaborating, and facilitating methods needed to enhance the use of Lotus Notes to support the business needs of state government.

Scope & Boundaries

As a standing work group, the Lotus Interagency Collaboration Work Group may include topics on any aspect of state business related to the technology and application of Lotus products limited only by resources available to pursue each identified topic.

Goals & Outcomes

Educate state agencies and policy makers about the capabilities of Lotus Notes technology.

Collaborate by discussing and recommending methods for implementation, configuration and administration of the Lotus infrastructure to provide a secure and st able environment and by recommending methods for sharing knowledge about Lotus Notes and business applications in State Government. The work group may:

• Maintain a group list of all state agency staff and business partners interested in receiving announcements about Lotus Notes Collaboration efforts

• Identify operational methods for a Lotus Notes Application clearinghouse.

• Survey agencies about common needs and priorities for collaborative efforts.

Share Resources by recommending methods for cost and resource sharing for issues with interagency impact.

Promote Participation by pursuing all state agencies that use Lotus products to participate on this work group to help promote communication, and coordination of Lotus project implementation.

Measure Progress by recommending methods for documenti ng accomplishments of the work group.

Plan by recommending methods, standards, policies and procedures to support sharing Lotus Notes applications in State Government and by evaluating and recommending criteria for making Lotus Notes applications accessible from the inter/intranet.


Steering Committee:

Make recommendations to the State Government Council regarding standards, policies, and procedures required to support Lotus Notes & Domino.

Identify issues related to Lotus Notes & Domino and recommend priorities for resources and actions.

Approve proposed actions and recommendations made by the workgroups, which will be determined by consensus or by vote of members.

Responsible for all grants, resource requests and allocations.

Determine scope and involvement of the workgroups and individuals on Research & Development projects.

Collaboration Work Group :

Promote agency collaboration, sharing of resources and education on the benefits of Lotus products.

Administration Work Group:

Evaluate infrastructure related issues including, but not limited to, the security, performance, and ongoing maintenance, of Lotus products and how they integrate with other systems.

Application Work Group:

12/12/01 Page 2 of 28:42 AM Lotus Collaboration Charter - Final.doc Responsible for research, testing, and sharing of development techniques and code.