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Business Portal Workgroup

This is an inactive or repealed workgroup for the State Government Council
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The purpose of the Business Portal is to pave the way for achieving the vision of e- government as it applies to the interaction of business with state and local agencies. That vision calls for making access to information, services, and regulatory needs as easy and efficient as possible. Businesses should be able to fulfill their legal responsibilities and obtain information and services electronically. The concepts of on e-stop point of access, self-service, continual availability from anywhere, and integration across agency boundaries and political jurisdictions all apply.

Increasing the efficiency of government's interaction with the private sector will generate economic benefits. Anything that allows Nebraska-based businesses to operate more efficiently increases their profitability and competitiveness. This in turn makes Nebraska a more attractive place in which to locate. Conducting transactions electronically also improves the efficiency of government operations.

To learn more, view the Business Portal Action Plan (PDF).