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NITC 4-204: Emergency Information Page

Category: E-Government Architecture
Applicability: Applies to all state government agencies, excluding Higher Education
History: Adopted on February 22, 2007.

1. Guideline

This guideline establishes the recommended location for an emergency information page -- where information for the general public would be posted in the event of a disaster -- on State of Nebraska agencies, boards and commissions websites.

1.1 Document Name


The name of the document should be 'disaster.html' in all lowercase. This web page may contain links to other disaster documentation.

1.2 Document Location


The disaster document should be placed in the top level directory of the entities website. Example –''. NOT ''

2. Purpose

The purpose of this guideline is to establish a standard location and document name that entities (defined in section 4) shall use to disseminate public disaster information via the Internet. This guideline does not regulate the contents of the above-mentioned disaster document itself.

3. Definitions

Web Page: A document stored on a server, consisting of an XHTML file and any related files for scripts and graphics, viewable through a web browser or the World Wide Web. Files linked from a web page such as Word (.doc), Portable Document Format (.pdf), and Excel (.xls) files are not web pages, as they can be viewed without access to a web browser.

Web Site: A set of interconnected web pages, usually including a homepage, generally located on the same server, and prepared and maintained as a collection of information by a person, group or organization.

4. Applicability

This guideline shall apply to all State of Nebraska agencies, boards and commissions.

5. Responsibility

Compliance with this guideline is voluntary but strongly recommended.