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NITC 1-103: Waiver Policy

Category: General Provisions
Applicability: General applicability
History: Adopted on March 4, 2008.

1. Purpose

Some agencies may have special circumstances or requirements that justify non-compliance with a standard issued by the NITC. This document authorizes the Technical Panel to issue waivers relating to the requirements contained in any of the NITC Standards and Guidelines documents and establishes the procedures for the submission and review of waiver requests.

2. Policy

Upon a determination of good cause shown, the Technical Panel may grant a waiver from any requirement contained in any NITC Standards and Guidelines document. Section 3 establishes the procedures for the submission and review of waiver requests.

3. Waiver Process

3.1 Submitting a Request for Waiver

Any agency may apply for a waiver by submitting a Request for Waiver.

The Request for Waiver should include the following information:

  • Agency name
  • Name, title, and contact information for the agency contact person regarding the request
  • Title of the NITC Standards and Guidelines document at issue
  • Description of the problem or issue
  • Description of the agency's preferred solution, including a listing of the specific requirement(s) for which a waiver is requested
  • Any additional information and justification showing good cause for the requested waiver

Requests should be submitted via email:

3.2 Technical Panel Review and Decision

The Technical Panel will consider the Request for Waiver at their next regularly scheduled public meeting. The panel may request additional information from the submitting agency and may table their decision for one meeting. After reviewing the request, and any comments received, the panel may approve the request, approve the request with conditions, or deny the request.

3.3 Appeal to the NITC

A denial or an approval with conditions by the Technical Panel may be appealed to the NITC.