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Ogallala Economic Development is set to compete internationally

A focus on technology needs and bringing high speed Internet access have made Ogallala, Nebraska ready to compete with cities worldwide. With a goal to "Build Your Future at Ogallala" they plan to attract and keep business and experts.

Drew Krab, with Adams Bank & Trust and President of the Keith County Board of Directors, and Travis Haggard, Ogallala Economic Development Coordinator, have worked to identify technology infrastructure needs of existing business and to look ahead for future needs. These efforts have provided an environment that allows local business to use technology to meet business goals.

This commitment provides Western Nebraska with a gateway to economic development. They believe that if communities and businesses have this access and take advantage of the opportunities, they can succeed. For more information, check out Ogallala Economic Development, Keith County Area Development, and Adams Bank & Trust.

Watch this video on YouTube.